Jessica Le Marchand, a Graphic Designer for Pentland Group:

“We’ve committed to a big push to use recycled materials where possible to help achieve this. In our design team, we’re very focused on responsible sourcing and ensuring all suppliers and choice of materials support the business in achieving our environmental goals.

Our choice of paper is a reflection of our achievements, ambitions and values and is an essential element of how we present ourselves externally.

For our last three annual CSR reports we have used sustainable papers distributed by Antalis. We were impressed with those papers due to their recycled credentials and high quality. In our last CR Review we used Cyclus Offset 100% recycled paper 140 gsm for the text section due to the natural shade and tactile feel. Whilst for the cover we chose Keaykolour Hazel 100% recycled paper 300 gsm which has a beautiful warm shade that helped to achieve the overall natural look we were hoping for.

By printing 300 of the 2016 Pentland Group Corporate Responsibility Reviews on Antalis 100% recycled paper (rather than on a non-recycled paper) our environmental impact was reduced by*: 60 kg of landfill, 14kg Co2 and greenhouse gases, 1,464 litres of water, 185 kWh of energy and 98 kg of wood.”

*Sources: Carbon footprint data evaluated by Labelia Conseil. Virgin fibres data from non-integrated mill latest European BREF data