Anthony Bennett, Development Director, The Churches Conservation Trust

The Churches Conservation Trust is an English national charity created in 1969 that protects over 350 irreplaceable churches at risk and works with local communities to bring them alive again. They choose Cyclus paper to print their Annual Report in 5,000 copies.

“As this document is a key tool for engaging stakeholders and explaining the work of the Churches Conservation Trust, we needed a paper of exceptional quality with excellent printing opacity. We found this in Cyclus. The texture and grammage of the paper meant the document looked and felt good, while the density accommodated the folded design extremely well.

Also as the guarantors of those churches we were delighted with what Cyclus did for our annual review as we wanted to create a map which conveyed their antiquity. The paper was chosen specifically for its connotations of an illuminated medieval manuscript.

Moreover, we were pleased to use an eco-responsible product, made from 100% recycled fibre, from a manufacturer committed to innovative sustainability, which complements the strategic aims of our organisation: reducing our energy consumption and carbon emissions to allow our churches to have the best chance to thrive long into the future.

We decided as well to use Cyclus Offset for our review again this year and are looking in to using similar recycled papers for other items we print. We would definitely be interested in working with Antalis again.”